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Bust the Dust

Can we talk about dust for a second? I used to think laundry was the worst chore but I have quickly changed my mind, dusting takes the cake. The headache, amiright?!

The problem with dust is that it is an actual problem. Dust harbors bacteria and harmful chemicals that can cause illness to spread in your household as well as diminishing air quality and negatively affecting respiratory health. So in addition to being an eyesore, dust is extremely dangerous so we can agree it's gotta go. Depending on your dust level (mine is tragically high), dusting is recommended at least once a week. Since this chore appears to be the thorn in my side, I have made it my personal mission to find the best tools to tackle it.

The Tools

-The classic duster is a bad idea, let's just clear that up. Rather than getting rid of the dust, the feather dusters moreso just move the dust around and disperse it through the air. A microfiber one like this one is a much better idea because not only is it hypoallergenic and reusable but it actually attracts and traps the dust in its fibers.

-I posted a reel that included this tool for cleaning the blinds and so many people were curious where to find it. I loathe cleaning the blinds and this helps so much because it streamlines the process and just works! Highly recommend if you have wooden blinds like we do here

-A good vacuum is a fantastic investment- they are able to help with dust so much, especially one with a HEPA filter like this one or this one. The HEPA filter ensures that the smallest dust particles are picked up, and not released back into the air. These vacuums can remove up to 100% of particles from the environment which is extremely impressive. So even though they often cost a pretty penny, a vacuum gets the job done and then some! And I have to say it- your robot vacuum isn't cuttin it.

-You know I love my towels from Geometry, they are the perfect towels for any job in the home- you can always use code McReynolds15!

-Change your air filters often, Filtrete is a brand that is highly recommended because they do not have any chemical treatments.

-Consider getting an air purifier for your home- again, these are investments but getting a quality air filter is a great idea because of the harmful toxins that can be carried within the particles in our home. This one and this one are my recommendations!

-DECLUTTER- I cannot stress enough, less stuff means less dust. It's truly that simple!

All of my favorite cleaning supplies are linked here and of course, Branch Basics is always my recommendation!

I'd love to hear your favorite dust solutions!

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