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I am going to leave this GIF here because I just cannot mention the word "pivot" without thinking of this scene in Friends.

I spent the whole summer looking forward to Roman starting school and the littles starting Mother's Day Out, and romanticized what my new schedule was going to look like. One day of that new schedule that was supposed to be perfect was all it took for me to realize it very much wasn't. There were two awkward hours on the front and back end of the day that the kids and I were just wandering campus, waiting. My time was tighter than expected and so was the budget.

We found out very quickly that we had to be open to a pivot. I think that so often we do things or keep doing things simply because we started doing them that way. As adults, we have to remember that pivoting is part of the job. This is not soccer or ballet or band- we do not have to finish something just because we started. This is life and time is precious.

I want to encourage you to give yourself the opportunity to reflect on your situation and how you feel about it. Is there a pivot you've been putting off? Do you like your job? Do you want more money? Do you like your kids' school? Are you happy? Do you want to move? Do not be afraid to ask these questions. Brainstorm. Ideate. Allow yourself to dream up a new situation and potentially change your life. This is me giving you permission, and we can pretend that my permission is just what you needed to take the leap. There is no reason to ever be stuck in a rut, move forward in peace and I promise a new and beautiful life awaits you.

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