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What if the Desire to be the Everywoman is Ruining Everything?

Updated: Jul 31, 2023

If you are anything like me, you often beat yourself up about reacting a certain way, being short with your husband and/or children, and the fact that you didn't finish everything on your to-do list that day. I find myself writing to-do lists containing what I should be able to do on any given day rather than taking into account the life I actually live. The one where I have three children, live with my inlaws, have extremely limited time, and even in the time I do have the last thing on my mind is checking off an item on my list.

No matter how badly we want to, we cannot be everything to everyone. We were not created to be. In fact, we are wired to need others! Any personality test I have ever taken has been evidence of how desperately I need other people. I need my husband, I need my sisters, I need my children, I need help. The delusion of being able to do it all is just that, a delusion. Nothing has been more freeing than letting go of trying to be the everywoman and aiming to be my best.

Let's allow ourselves to take the pressure off each day and remember that this day is just one within a week, which is one within a year. We do not have to do it all today, we just need to do our best in whatever we decide to do. And you have my permission to let that something be rest.

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